Schedule and locations are currently at limited availability due to COVID-19. Please contact us to check availability.

Swimming Elite is taking extra precautions with our swimmers coming to swim lessons.

Wearing face coverings during swim lessons

Cleaning all equipment before and after all lessons
(We have stopped using Equipment that comes in contact with our swimmers faces)

Washing hands regularly

Taking Temperature of all staff daily

Staying at home if we are feeling sick or have any symptoms

Over 2 months in Isolation

To return to Swim lessons, we are requiring all swimmers and their families:

  • Stay at home if you and/or your swimmer is feeling sick or have any symptoms
  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Bring your goggles/toys for swimmers’ mouth (clean after using)
  • Take temperature before coming to swim lessons. If your household has a temperature of 99.4 or above you will not be allowed to come to swim lessons.
  • If your Household has any symptoms of Infectious Diseases within the last (14) days, you will not be allowed to come to swim lessons.
  • The Household has not been diagnosed and/or exposed to anyone with COVID-19 OR any Infectious Diseases in the last (30) days.
  • The Household has not traveled outside the country or visited cities that have been considered a “hot spot” for COIVD-19 AND other Infectious Diseases with in the last (30) days.
  • Sign a new 2020 wavier form before starting swim lessons.